The Family of the late Decent Henry donates to the Kidney Society of SVG

Happy New Year!

It gives the Board of the Kidney Society of SVG great pleasure to confirm that in late 2019 the family of the late Decent Henry made a generous donation to the organization after seeing the work that is being done for kidney disease patients in SVG.  One of our directors, Mr. Jerry George accepted the donation from Mr. Brereton Horne on behalf of the Henry family.

For those who did not know, Mr. Decent Henry was a Vincentian who resided in the United Kingdom and was first diagnosed with kidney disease in 1976. Up until his death in March 2019, he was an advocate and supporter of those fighting kidney disease, provided assistance to kidney disease patients in SVG  but most of all he gave hope to those who would think that they could NOT live long term with kidney disease and he did live to the fullest.

We wish to thank Ms. Donna Henry, the sister of the late Decent Henry and the entire Henry family for the donation and endorsement of the work done by our organization.