Who We Are

COI - The Kidney Society of SVG Inc 001

The Kidney Society of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Inc. was formed as a non-profit company under the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Since its formation, the mandate of the organization has been developed to  assist the numerous persons who have been afflicted with kidney disease at any stage.  Kidney disease is on the rise in SVG and wider Caribbean due to an increase in the number of persons who are diabetic or hypertensive in our communities.  Although there may be a genetic predisposition for persons in the Caribbean to contract diabetes or hypertension but these same conditions can be managed or eradicated with each of us living a healthier lifestyle.  Although it has taken some time to put such an organization together, it is our hope that the efforts of The Kidney Society of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Inc. will help Vincentians dealing with kidney disease and/or renal failure for many years to come.

Our Board is comprised of well accomplished members of the SVG medical and business community and they are:

Dr. Malcolm Samuel


Jerry GeorgeDesiree RichardsNorlann Gabriel

(Left To Right: Dr. Malcolm Samuel, Ms. Desiree Richards, Ms. Norlann Gabriel, Mr. Jerry George)

Dr. Malcolm Samuel – Principal of Surgical Associates,  General and Renal Transplant Surgeon

Ms. Desiree Richards – CEO of Metrocint General Insurance Company Limited

Managing Editor of The Vincentian newspaper

Ms. Norlann Gabriel – Country Manager, First Citizens Investment Services Ltd. in SVG

Mr. Jerry George – Public Relations Manager, Eastern Caribbean at Digicel


The members of our Board provide their time and/or resources on a strictly volunteer basis to keep all administrative costs associated with the operation of the organization at a minimum.

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